The Top 7 Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil may not be for everyone, but it could be just what you need to put that spring back in your step. Essential oils are a great way to balance and bring us back to our center. Our team has once again narrowed down the top 7 reason why you should give this essential oil a whirl. Isn't it time to embrace lavender oil wholeheartedly? 

1. Lavender Oil for Relaxation: By adding a few drops of lavender oil to your diffuser, you're inhaling a little piece of paradise that you would normally be forking hundreds if not thousands for on a vacation. Even better, you can apply this essential oil to topically to you hands, temple and feet for a calming effect on the body and spirit. 

2. Lavender Oil for Better Sleep: Are you stuck counting sheep night after night? We both know that is no way to live after working hard and attending an innumerable about of meetings. You deserve every second of rest and that's why this essential oil is right for you. Take the to-do list off your mind by diffusing this essential oil in your room approximately 30 minutes before bedtime. You'll sleep like a better than a baby and that's a fact. 

3. Lavender Oil for Sunburns: Aloe Vera isn't the only sunburn hero in town. Try Lavender Oil on sunburned lips and hands for relief.


Lavender Essential Oil

Relaxing and Calming


4. Lavender Oil for Detox: Detoxifying the body is all the rage right now, but we know you were a practitioner way before it became trendy. You're probably using lavender essential oil for this already but just in case you aren't, add about 6 - 8 drops of lavender oil to your bath for a aromatic body purge. Your pores will thank you now and later. 

5. Lavender Oil for Snoring: Okay, so we're guilty of it and we didn't even know until our significant other gave us a slight nudge. Snoring isn't a crime but a natural remedy is to to spray water infused with lavender essential oil on your pillow directly before bedtime. You can alternatively apply it behind both ears and inside each nostril to open the passages. Say good-bye to the noise and hello to a happy partner. 

6. Lavender Oil for Skincare: Well, since we were on the top of skin, lavender essential oil is great for acne pimples and cystic acne. Massage it on your back and neck to prevent body breakouts. 

7. Lavender Oil for Premenstrual Cramps: Not feeling your best before 'that time of the month'. add a few drops of lavender essential oil evenly on your lower abdomen and massage gently. It will aid in naturally eliminating premenstrual cramping while relaxing your muscles.